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Jane Eyre

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Well,I liked the book a lot.I have to admit that when I started to read it,I thought that It would be only a sad story of an orphan girl.But it is far more.I could feel what Jane felt and ,as I was reading the book I become became amazing amazed at with the fortitude and clearness of Jane´s mind just as with the big heart she shows during  throughout, and specially, at the end of the book. I would recommend this book to people able to feel in a deep way. This is not an adventures novel. A lot of things happen and Jane life changes constantly, but I feel, reading the book, that it is only a scenery to show what it is really important. Jane´s personality and feelings.


What would I change? To be sincere I would shorten some descriptions and dialogues. I found some of them bored boring, perhaps because this book (have has 477 pages) is 477 pages long and sometimes I felt I was not advancing. But, in general, I love it. I feel coMfortable with the end (I like the end) except for the lack of  apologies from St. John to Jane. I miss it (?) because I think Jane deserved them. She gave a big part of her fortune to St. John and his sisters and what is more: the love of a sister.


 Yes, it met my expectations. I think it is something I mentioned before. I found a lovely novel by chance, since I really chose this book because it was the first one I could borrow.

I would also like to know about your opinions.... Did you like the book? What would you change? Did it meet your expectations?
I have not finished this novel. I´m between the first third and the middle, but I can write a little about what I have read. Perhaps somebody is trying to decide what book to read and this can helps help.
This novel is about the life of a woman named Jane. It starts when she is ten years old and lives with her aunt (the wife of her father´s brother). Her uncle has died and since that moment, her aunt, that who does not love her, makes her life a hell (makes ahell of her life). But not only her hers. Her three cousins abuse Jane too and she feels very miserable. Day by day, a strong character grows in Jane and her personality will be marked by these injustices and solitude.
One day, she has a nightmare (but she was awake) was daydreaming, thinking she had seen her uncle´s ghost and she became ill.The doctor recommends to take her to the school.
This idea doesn´t upset her, since she can't imagine a worse live life than the one she has.
The school is a charity school and the rules are very stricts strict.This school is directed by a woman called Miss Temple, that who is kindy and fair.This woman and another girl, called Helen, become her friends. Jane is a good student but the live life is strong hard / difficult at the school. Food is bad and running short and the discipline is very strict. She spends eight years here, two of them teaching, but when her friend Helen dies because of typhus, she decides to leave. She offers herself as a teacher and she is hired by an old woman, who wants she her to teach a child. She leaves the school and goes to live to a big house, whose owner is travelling and have has taken the elderly woman in charge of the house and the child. There,Jane finds a new live life among charming people. Later she meets the owner, a man in his thirtys thirties who is a little bossy. He likes Jane and she likes him (but not in a first moment). This man is a little strange and seems to take a mystery with him. But Jane is not afraid of him and they both enjoy talking. One day, she saves his life when his room starts to burn at night. It is a strange incident, but she can't talk with him very much about it because he leaves the house for a few days to visit another other wealthy people. After some days, he cames comes back, bringing with him some of these people, whom he has invited to his house. And…. I am sorry, but I have to read more.
I will write more next week if I have time this weekend to read more.(I think the weather will be good for it).

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